Special Services

Child Well-Checks

Our providers love seeing kids of all ages!  Since most of our providers and staff are parents also, we understand and appreciate the care and needs of growing families.  We see patients as early as their newborn/hospital follow up visit, and we love watching and helping these children grow and blossom into the people God designed them to be!  While we are big advocates for vaccinations and provide them in our office, we are willing to listen, understand, and cooperate with parents who have concerns about immunizations and the schedule their children should follow.

Sports Physicals

Physical activity has never been more important for kids than it is today!  Many of our providers are former collegiate level athletes, and we believe in a team approach to work and life.  We also believe that kids should be safe when participating in athletics, so we provide sports physicals for all ages at a nominal fee.

DOT Physicals

Drivers keep America running, and because we believe in the hard work these men and women provide on the front lines of every industry, several of our providers are proud to be DOT-certified medical examiners!  We provide DOT physicals for individuals and for companies of all sizes in our community.  Call to learn more about our rates or to schedule your next DOT physical!

Chronic Care Management

We are proud to offer Chronic Care Management to our patients, which encompasses the oversight and educational activities conducted by your health care providers to help patients with chronic diseases and health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, lupus, multiple sclerosis, COPD, heart disease, sleep apnea, and more learn to understand their condition and live successfully with it. This program is covered by Medicare, and the goal is to help patients stay out of the hospital and in their homes longer. We help motivate patients to persist in necessary therapies and interventions and help them achieve an ongoing, reasonable quality of life.  Ask about CCM at your next appointment!

Transitional Care Managment

If you have Medicare and have been recently admitted to the hospital, you may qualify to participate in our Transitional Care Management program.  This important service is aimed to ensuring that you continue to recover and do not suffer from any relapses.  Our goal is to help make sure you have everything you need at this vulnerable time, and it includes dedicated patient appointments within a very short time from discharge, medication reviews, home visits, and more.  Make sure you or your loved ones notify us if you are ever admitted to the hospital, and don’t risk being without the time and attention from our health care providers that you need and deserve.

Mobile Health Services

Our newest and most innovative program allows us to visit you in your time of need from the comforts of your home.  If you are too sick to get out, or don’t want to risk exposure to illness while waiting in our office, request a Mobile Health visit.  Our office will schedule a convenient time, often same day, and one of our trained healthcare professionals will visit you in your home to evaluate, assess, and diagnose you.  You will get a full range of services and will have a treatment plan in place.  This is ideal for elderly and home-bound patients who often have difficulty travelling to their appointments. MIHS appointments can be scheduled by calling our office or by filling out the form below; one of our kind and qualified staff members will contact you as soon as possible to schedule your house call.

Request a Home Visit